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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 25, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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this is a fox news alert. we are waiting a speech from president obama who has just arrived in west virginia to eulogize the miners that perished. hello, i'm patti ann brown. >> i'm eric sean. >> vice president and state officials will be joining him to remember and honor those that died. the president is meeting privately with the mine's victim's family. president is expected to pay tribute by saying the miners died in pursuit of the american dream. we'll bring you the service as it begins in half an hour from
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now. rescuers in western mississippi are scouring neighborhoods of splintered homes and uprooted trees looking for tornado survivors. yesterday a devastating twister sliced through the state killing ten people including two children and a three-month-old baby. 100 homes in yazoo county are severely damaged. mississippi governor haley barbour described it as utter obliteration and the tornado as enormous. yazoo city was hit the hardest where chris is right now. >> reporter: i want to explain to our viewers, here we are 24 hours after the twister touched down and they are still combing the area looking for victims. that is because there are parts of this state that are so rural they have to get there by helicopter in some cases, four wheelers and vehicles.
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they are looking through the neighborhoods that are so spread out, still combing house to house. take a look around us. you can see the devastation that was left behind, it was ef-3 or 4. you can see a blackhawk helicopter just behind the live shot loans. that is because the governor haley barbour went up in the helicopter earlier. we have aerial pictures earlier. went through 75 miles in an area called ware, mississippi. of choctaw county, five people were killed in that county. he met with the families of those children earlier today. before he went on the tour, he spoke to us. listen. >> this corner right here that you see, this commercial area,
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around the church and then some more close in unincorporated, heavily developed areas and it destroyed everything in its path. it was monster. >> reporter: a monster to say the least. we're told the county is the largest county in the state of mississippi, 940 square miles. the governor tells me that twister was on the ground for 40 miles. usual talking about a twister that was one mile wide, the cleanup will take quite some time >> patti: part of that cleanup, diagnose roads cleared. where does that all stand? >> a lot of people still without power. just north of where we are is still yazoo city proper, they do have power. we were able to eat some lunch in that direction. you know, you talk about cutting those limbs. it takes time. they have to get to the location.
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that is one thing the governor was really bragging about, how his fellow mississippians came together, they were cutting through the debris, first responders saved lives. it's truly heroic effort to minimize the damage and destruction out here today. the governor is very proud of his community and very emotional about this whole thing. chris, thank you. >> mother nature has run her deadly and destructive course down south. could there be more tornados to come? domenica davis is in the extreme weather center. you remember all last summer, the damage and destruction in the past. what is to come? >> we still have a threat of severe weather but not nearly what we saw yesterday. the storm system has moved to the east. low pressure is going back to the midwest and you can see the yellow box, thunderstorm watch box. down to the south we have a tornado watch. both of these watches will stay
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in effect until 8:00 local time. the tornado watch is for parts of northern florida and around the jacksonville area we have tornado warnings. as far as severe weather goes, we haven't seen any tornados and we're not expecting to see anything significant. biggest threat with the storms that is rolling through florida has been the hail, quarter inch size hail. that is what we'll be dealing with the batches of rain up to the north and south. the system still has time, as far as severe weather and by tonight, pesky rain will hang around affecting the mid-atlantic for monday into the first part of tuesday. back to you. all right. we're glad it's out of there. >> trace: sinking barely dry in arizona on a strict immigration law. protests are already in full swing nationwide.
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issue is sparking heated exchanges. new law requires police to question people about their immigration status if they suspect someone is in the country illegally. debate has been so volatile it's reached national levels and now threatens other legislation. nicole is live in d.c. i understand some democratic lawmakers are trying to shift the focus from energy legislation to immigration reform. how is that being received by republicans? >> for the most part, republicans acknowledge that securing the border is a national problem but it's hard to justify working on that when there is more pressing issues. this is some of the back and forth whether to take it to federal level. >> this is demanding a national answer to immigration policy. so before it gets further out of hand, we have to step up and do the job. >> it strikes me with all the border security problems we have down there, they are worse than
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they were three years ago. with 10% unemployment it's not a great time to take it up. some republicans say democrats are playing politics trying to embrace immigration reform to boost their hispanic support in the upcoming november midterm elections. >> protests against that controversial bill continue as we speak. can you highlight some of the specific concerns to for us? >> actually i understand we have live pictures of a protest forming outside the state capital in arizona. this is one of several over the past week with demonstrators saying the arizona law could lead to racial profiling because police officers asking about immigration status if they have quote if a person is undocumented. i should mention a recent poll that 70% of likely voters approve of the law while 23% are opposed. all right. nicole, thank you. the man that has led the
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charge against illegal immigration, he is firing back against the president's criticism. bill. he the is a sheriff. he says the obama administration has a history of wrongly getting involved in arizona law enforcement. >> i know that the president made some comments regarding this new law which i don't understand why he is. this is arizona, the people here 78% want this law. on the other hand, the obama administration the first 60 days in office sent the civil rights division of the u.s. justice department to go after me and my organization accusing us of racial profiling. here it is a year and a half later and nothing has happened. now, the president once again is becoming involved in arizona law enforcement. >> the administration, to some
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republicans, are rubbed the wrong way to their reaction, the gop now pulling its support from climate change legislation because the administration is moving in congress to tackle immigration reform first. let's bring in political pundits. adam geller and analyst and "new york post" columnist kristen powers. >> they were supposed to announce with senator kerry and lieberman the big climate change bill they have agreed on. graham is pulling the plug is he right? >> don't blame graham on this one. harry reid fought political opportunity. he wants to move the debate to the immigration issue. he is in a tough re-election battle and he called what it is, a cynical political move. >> he called it a hurried panicked manner. do you think that is the case? are they moving on a reaction on
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what is happening in arizona? >> i think that for lindsay graham saying he is going to pull his support, try to bring up climate change later which is still the plan because he is upset about some sort, what he termed political maneuverings is problematic. it comes off as being very petty. if you believe that climate change is serious issue and willing to work with the democrats. the white house can decide and harry reid can decide what to do that. is reality. i think she should be supportive. he has been supportive of immigration reform. i don't understand why he would stop playing ball because he didn't get his way. >> some are saying democrats are pandering to the hispanic vote? >> it's the environment in which he is operating. he rightly said, i'll work with you, but we need to create an
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environment to bring people together. when you make this kind of political move it's a thumb in the eye and it chris an environment you are not going to get bipartisan support. >> do you think there will be bipartisan support on immigration? >> that is a good question. you look at the polls and 70% of the people there support the law. is it perfect? absolutely not, but they have to recognize that frustration out there. they've got to work together to come up with a solution. >> the governor jarn brewer, she got the job when the secretary napolitano took over homeland security. what about that 70% poll? 70% of her constituents back this law. how does that resonate across the country and what are the democrats going to do about it? >> i don't think the democrats are going to make their policy based on one state. i think that is the state that
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gets in the news, but i think that obama has been clear. he supports immigration reform. that is what he is going to move forward with. there is nothing wrong with that. in terms of creating an environment for bipartisanship, let's face it, you just ask, is there going to be bipartisanship on this. the republicans vote against almost every single thing that comes up, any obama signature issues. i'm skeptical even with graham working with john kerry and joe lieberman on the climate change issues, he wouldn't have been able to get that many republicans in the climate they are. >> what is it going to have happen to the climate change bill? we have seen some of the scientists forecast not furnish out to be the case. is this the end of the climate change bill now forever, or after the immigration situation
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is resolved? >> we can only hope it's the end of the climate changes bill. we saw how unpopular cap and trade was. i grant you this is watered down version of cap and trade but it increases the costs of energy dramatically and you can't do it in this kind of economic climate. >> yeah, i think it will come back, whether it come back in terms of they're working on it and actually pass, there is no way to predict that. >> no press conference for tomorrow. that has been canned by graham. thank you for joining us. >> it's crunch time on capitol hill, lawmakers trying to hammer out a deal on financial regulatory reform. a key vote is expected for tomorrow. senate democrats need at least one republican to vote with them for the legislation to move forward. will they get it? julie is tracking the story in washington. >> the senate's top negotiators
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say they are close to a keel but not necessarily by monday when the showdown vote is scheduled to bring the bill to the floor of the senate. there are still key issues, including new complicated rules over derivatives. it looks like the deal making will continue in washington beyond monday. 41 senate republicans are standing firm against the move by senate leaders to start debate on the bill. republicans say at least a day of accusations by dem that has the gop blocked the bill to clean up wall street. >> we're getting there. we have more work to do. we're going to be meeting to talk about it. we're not there yet. >> i think we are very, very close. this is very complicated piece of legislation, over 1300 pages. >> and the ranking republican on the committee says he still believes the legislation will encourage bailouts rather than end them. president obama top advisor this morning try to assure shelby and
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other republicans that isn't the case. >> we must end to big to fail. we do that by providing for financial institutions that run themselves in the ground, the wiping out of their equity holders, the removal of their managers. >> both parties said they hope a deal can be struck in the next few days. remember negotiations on this sweeping legislation have been on and off for nearly two years, since the financial meltdown. julie, thank you. it is a solemn day in west virginia as they pay honor to the miners that were killed in the mining disaster. president obama is scheduled for a private meeting with the families of the miners that died certainly an emotional session. in just a few minutes that
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public memorial will get under way. it's happening in west virginia and the president will be delivering that eulogy. that happened at the upper big branch mine on april 5th, deadliest mine explosion in our country in the last 40 years and raised questions about mine safety. joe biden will also speak at the public memorial. wendall goller is standing by with the very latest. he will pay tri-auto and honor the mine thers afternoon. >> reporter: you're right. he arrived here a short while ago and meeting family members. an emotional meeting in advance of what is likely to be an emotional memorial service. the explosion really devastated this small community. everyone here knows someone that lost a family member. the president will say the miners died in pursuit of the
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american dream. what the country owes them is what must be done to create safer conditions flnd. they say the president's speech won't dwell on the poor state of mine safety but he did make clear after the incident there was plenty of blame to go around. he called it first and foremost, a failure of the mine's management but he said it was quote, a failure of oversight and law rid been loopholes they allow unsafe conditions to continue. a preliminary report showed the mine had more than 500 citations in 2009, 124 already this year. the community will welcome improvements in mine safety, but the environmental concerns and particularly his support for a climate change agreement, with caps on greenhouse gas emissions have made him unpopular in this part of the country. west virginia is one of only five states that john mccain did
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better than george bush did in 2004. ironically the support has drawn fire from some on the left that consider eight subsidy for the mining companies. mr. obama has devoted $4 billion in energy department funds for clean coal technology, including about $330 million in west virginia alone. group clean air watch calls that a coal company bailout. memorial service set to begin in about 15 minutes, just a little less from now and we'll carry it live. >> we'll have it as soon as it becomes at 3:30 eastern time. thank you. president obama won the health care fight and now he is going after wall street reform and a laundry list of major priorities. is it too much given the divided poll fix on capitol hill? a fair and balanced debate next.
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>> eric: president obama had a special visit. he went to north carolina and he visited with billy graham. this is brand-new picture we received from that meeting. the get together had been in the works since november when billy graham turned 91 years old.
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since his wife's death about three years ago, he spends most of his time at home. he has counseled every president since dwight d. eisenhower but they say he is still as sharp as he ever was. a special moment as the president met with billy graham. >> patti: the president is setting his sights on wall street reform. that will be closely followed by a climate change bill, immigration reform and most likely a supreme court nomination. is they've agenda really feasible? >> we've got a lot of work left on our plate between now and the end of the summer. we're starting off our financial regulatory reform. that is going to consume an extensive amount of time.
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i'm not sure how you find the time to deal with the major issues. let's get in the political panel. joining us republican pollster adam geller and fox news political analyst, keer sentence powers. immigration reform, climate and financial overhalt is it overly ambitious? >> it's enough to make anybody dizzy. you want to create some jobs. you want to make good private sector jobs. make it more friendly to businesses here and stop with this big government. >> patti: me has to find a supreme court nominee. at what point is it too much? >> i never thought of it's too much in their ability to do the work. they were more than capable of doing this. there are lots of staffers and
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lots of experts and people that work for the white house. there are lots of outside help. that is not the issue. the issue is whether or not politically he is taking on too much and people are feeling that he can do it. what adam is bringing up, people are focused on the economy as we look forward to the midterm elections, that is what is it going to matter the most, whether jobs are created. whether unemployment goes down, whether people feel that the economy is on the right track. in that sense, there could be taking on too many things. the financial regulation is right on point. whether other things, like immigration or climate change could be a little bit of a distraction. i don't think that is where the american people are right now. >> patti: some people are asking why the rush. is it because democrats control both houses and the presidency and not sure how long the opportunity will last? >> that is the way it's playing out. they seem to be in a rush because they realize that the
3:26 pm
political environment could look very different after november. even leading up to that, they have a big problem in a lot of these very competitive comes from purple districts, maybe democrats that haven't been in office for one or two terms and in tough re-election campaigns. to try to jam it through at their expense could be disastrous for democrats. >> patti: some lawmakers say think didn't read the whole bill first. isn't there a danger that it won't get done right? >> if that is true, nothing has been done right, because they never read the bills. the way it works on the hill is they have people who have been on staff for a long time who are experts. they have legally people that go through them. they have people that are experts and the policies. there is not a single senator or
3:27 pm
member of congress that claim they read all the bills. depending on what side you are on, democrats democrats complained about the patriot act. >> i feel it's a canard. its really not the point. the point is whether they are doing things that are going to address the issues that american people want addressed. i frankly think they have probably done as much as they can do on the economy. they feel like they are working on other things and they are waiting for the economy to turn around. a lot of people are saying it is turning around. democrats will be fine. if it doesn't turn around, democrats are going to lose seats. that is really the way i see it. >> patti: one last word. >> when speaker pelosi says we don't know what is in the bill until we pass it it sends a chill up ws spine. economy can be debated whether it's really recovering or not. >> patti: thank you both and they are going to stick around
3:28 pm
for some of our coverage of the memorial service. stick around. thanks. >> eric: bottom of the hour, time for what we're watching, waiting for the solemn memorial service that is about to get underway, for the 29 miners who were killed in one of the worst mining disasters in our country's history about to start in a few minutes from now in west virginia. president obama is there and he will deliver the eulogy. he has been spending the last half-hour meeting with the families and it's an emotional meeting. we'll bring you the public service as soon as it begins. rescue crews are searching in mississippi at this hour for possible victims after a deadly tornado. meteorologists are trying to figure out whether it was one single massive tornado, miles wide, or a multiple shorter ones that left widespread damage that killed ten people and three were
3:29 pm
children. we'll talk to a witness next. an explosion has rocked an iron factory in northern iraq, killing three and injuring 15 others. >> patti: mississippi is digging out from the devastating tornado tharnd ripped through the state. rescue teams look for victims. we are hearing incredible stories of survival. my next guest climbed under the communion table and prayed to god for protection. joining us live from yazoo city, mississippi. thank you for joining us. congratulations on your own life, but i'm sorry about the tragedy in your community. you were in a baptist church when the twister hit. describe what happened? >> yes, ma'am, i was in the church doing some work in the church. my wife called and said it was a tornado coming. i went to the front door.
3:30 pm
it didn't look too bad. i walked down the hall and the building started shaking. i went back to the front door and all i could see was a black cloud with swirling wind and rain. er run back down the hall going to the kitchen, but the lord directed me to the fellowship hall and right under the communion table. the windows started breaking out. the roof started falling in. lord put his hands around me and that table, that is the only two things that didn't move in the whole tornado which didn't take just a few seconds. it was over. i looked up and i could see the sky. we tried to get out and called my son who was about two miles away to get him to help me get out. didn't look like i could get out. then i could smell gas and. so i lord blessed that i climbed out. i just wanted to give him the
3:31 pm
praise because he brought he through it. he put his arms around me and he saved me once again yesterday. >> patti: you are a lucky man. what is going on today. the search continues for trapped survivors? >> yes. they are combing the woods, going house to house, downed trees, destruction everywhere. >> patti: the governor describing as utter obliteration. how severe is the damage. how long will it take to rebuild? >> it's going to take a long time to rebuild a lot of this stuff, especially our church. it totally destroyed it. we know the good lord, it was burned several years back and the lord blessed it and built it back. i know he'll build this one
3:32 pm
back. >> patti: worldwide power outages and ten people did not survive. 28,000 people in yazoo county. how devastating are these deaths emotionally and psychologically to your community? >> we can replace our buildings, but we can't replace the people that died. my brother-in-law lost his daughter-in-law and my sons were hurt in the tornado. the buildings can be replaced and lives can be replaced but the lives are gone forever. >> patti: you mentioned tough times for the church. pastor recently died and then, of course, this. but the parishioners gathered at the church in the wreckage, found it n it in the rubble, a hymn and you all sang it
3:33 pm
totaling. what was that like? >> it was a blessing to be back here with our brothers and sisters. the men and women that joined us that is the church and not the building, the people of the church. we're glad to get back together. we look forward to be able to work together again. >> patti: do you feel like you have a new lease on life, will you do anything differently? >> yes, ma'am, i am on camera which i would have never done before. i want to tell what the lord did he saved me and jesus christ saved me again yesterday. >> patti: thank you for joining us. best of reluctance. >> eric: certainly an emotional story of faith and inspiration. you are watching live the beginning of the memorial service from west virginia for the 29 miners who died in what
3:34 pm
was one of worst mining disasters in our country's history. the president is there and so is vice president. the president is meeting with family members of the 29 miners, who is expected that they died as they lived in pursuit of the american dream. it's a horrible tragedy and raised questions about mine safety. this afternoon is a day to honor and to remember, to respect and to pay tribute to people that help keep our lights on across the country as they delve under ground and mine the coal that the nation needs. let's listen in as the service begins. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ you're my joy and my people ♪ ♪ you are my comfort in time of need ♪ ♪ you my refuge and you are the one that i depend on ♪ ♪ and you are the road to hope when the light goes dim ♪ ♪ when the waves come crashing in ♪ ♪ helping my troubled soul, almighty god ♪ ♪ and you're my joy and my
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peace ♪ ♪ you are my comfort in time of need ♪ ♪ and you are my refuge, you are my rock ♪ ♪ you are the one that i depend on ♪ ♪ you are the road to hope when the light grows dim ♪ ♪ when the waves come crashing in ♪ ♪ you are helping me almighty god ♪ ♪ you are my joy, you my peace ♪ and you are my comfort in time of need ♪ ♪ you are my refuge your you're the one i depend on ♪ ♪ and you are the road to hope when the light grows dim ♪ ♪ when the waves of doubt come crashing in ♪ ♪ you are my helping my troubled
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soul, almighty god ♪ ♪ ♪ >> patti: once again, we are watching the memorial for the 29 coal miners killed april 5th at the upper big branch mine. let's listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> eric: you can see the beginning of the emotional service. it's at the raleigh convention center for the miners that were killed on april 5. mr. obama has been meeting privately with family members. president of the united states and it's tremendously emotional
3:41 pm
moment for the family members, 9 wives and children, the sisters and the brothers and the parents of those miners who perished. the president has been reading letters from americans across the country. one he is expected to quote saying that americans should never forget that miners keep america's lights on. one mother had a simple plea, don't let this happen again. it has raised questions about mine safety. investigations are to come, but this sunday afternoon, time to remember those that went down the shaft, those that go where there is no light to mine the coal that keeps the country humming as well as the tributes to those that died. >> patti: we can recall the national drama when the explosion took place. some miners got out, others were found dead. others were missing for days.
3:42 pm
there was a frantic search with rescuers tried to ensure that the conditions were safe for searchers to enter the mine to find those who were unaccounted for and after days of preparing for that mission and finally entering the mine, the missing were found, tragically dead, 29 coal miners being remembered at the convention center where president obama and other officials including the west virginia governor and his wife and vice president biden will be speaking shortly. >> eric: stay with us as we continue our live continuing coverage. we'll be right back. becaus apitt what businesses need to grow. that's why today ge capital provides critical financing to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪
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>> patti: you are looking live at the convention center in beckly, west virginia where a memorial service has started for 29 coal miners whose pictures who died in a tragic explosion on april 5. president obama will be speaking at this memorial service. right now he along with vice president joe biden are meeting in private with the families of those victims. then they will be coming to the memorial and we will take you there as soon as it happens. >> eric: before he head there had, he went to income next where he visited billy graham. let's take a picture of the two. it's been in the works since
3:47 pm
november. billy graham is now 91 years old. he has been ailing. he has been suffering from hearing loss, but a white house spokesman that reverend graham is still as sharp as he ever was. the meeting lasted about half an hour. now, there is statement from billy graham. let me read it to you. it says, i am pleased to have president obama in my home this afternoon. he requested a meeting since he was spending the weekend nearby. my son and i enjoyed a brief visit with the president followed by a time of prayer together. i want to encourage christians to pray for our president and for men and women serving in the military. billy graham still inspires. he has con sold every president since dwight d. snow shower and
3:48 pm
also sitting -- eisenhower. >> newly released e-mails out of goldman sachs suggests the firm profit during the mortgage meltdown. heavyweights sound offed on the case. now, the story from washington. >> the e-mails came out just before top goldman executives testified before a senate panel on tuesday. the subcommittee released them saturday. goldman's executive said we will make some serious money. his colleague responded, yes, we are well positioned. the company denied betting against its own clients but one memo showed the ceo was okay with shorting the market. he writes, we didn't dodge the mortgage mess. we made more than we lost because of shorts. the e-mails are not going well with the obama administration. >> these e-mails that are
3:49 pm
released, the ceo of goldman is not going to win a popularity contest over a period that ordinary americans, pensions, houses were collapsing in value. they were making significant money off of it. >> reporter: goldman released its own e-mails, the company didn't know where the market was headed. one wrote tha the investments was like frankenstein during against the inventor people are fed up with wall street. there are some conflicts of interest that can exist and do need to be looked at, but i would rather see how the investigation unfolds before making any judgment. >> reporter: earlier this month, sec filed civil fraud charges. the company says they will fight the charges. >> patti: thank you.
3:50 pm
>> eric: it was an emotional meeting. president meeting privately with families of the miners that died in the coal into mining disaster. he will offer words of consolation. as soon as it begins we'll carry the service live and we'll look how the president is being received in the community that is often at odds with his political policies. [ wheezing ] i have asthma. and that's what it sounded like when my symptoms came back. i'd get this tightness in my chest.
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>> eric: the memorial service is now underway. you are looking at the first lady who will be announcing each of the families of the 29 miners who died as they enter the room. family members will then place the helmets of loved ones over crosses as they enter the room. president of the united states, barack obama had been meeting with them privately, certainly what was emotional meeting for 40 minutes of inspiration and solace. let's go live from beckly, west virginia where the memorial service where the president and vice president speak is now underway.
3:55 pm
29 crosses right now. you can see lining the front of the stage of the raleigh county memorial county convention center where the memorial service is going on. one cross for each of the coal miners that was killed in the tragic explosion there in west virginia at the upper big branch
3:56 pm
mine. this memorial service is just getting underway. first lady of virginia is introducing each one of the victims victims families by name. >> it's certainly an somber service there. just imagine being a family member, if you will, meeting with the president and vice president and officials. words of comfort, solace the president could give you. we have seen that as the role of commander in chief for so kenya years from challenger explosion to the oklahoma city bombing where the public meets the private in the most private of pain. when the family members come into the room after meeting with the president and vice president it's certainly a somber moment to pay honor and tribute. president is expected to pay tribute to the miners but also
3:57 pm
talk about how miners across the country are digging for coal to keep the country going. let's listen in to the first lady of west virginia as she announces the names. [ applause ]
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[ applause ]
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james eddie moony. [ applause ]


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